The [email protected] email address is still down for a few more days. If you have a tip about a celebrity sex tape, leaked nude pictures or a piece gossip, please send it to [email protected] and please resend mail to this address if you have sent any thing to the main email within the past 4 days. Please include the words in the subject line: sex scandal, sex tape, celebrity nude, public sex, rumor, university sex, girl on girl, political leak or breaking news. Mail for the blog should be forwarded to [email protected], the words in the subject line will be useful in sorting. I am going to ask for resubmits in a few days if you have sent an interesting email to the blog but have not seen it posted yet.

I do read the comments but please don’t try to submit a tip, leaked nude pictures or a celebrity sex video in he comment sections. Use the email, tips via the comments section might be missed.

I am forwarding all emails (5,000) from [email protected] to [email protected] and I am asking for all new email to be sent to [email protected] so I am sorry if your old mail gets lost. I will eventually get to them given enough time and please don’t spam me.


Send Emails To [email protected]

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