Kira is talking about and the Hong Kong police are powerless. Personally I don’t think “Kira” is even in Hong Kong, so the hong police are out of their minds if they think the can stop him or her or them. Here are the latest messages from internet hero “Kira”.

Message 1

“Thank you everyone for your support. 1) I am not using the photos/videos to extort money and this is to rebuke earlier reports that I am extorting money for this. 2) What Jackie Chan said today in an interview made me very unhappy. He even goes on to say that Jackie is somewhat implicated in the video (?) It’s believed that he is responding to Jackie Chan’s plea to netizens not to care about the photos but show care for those affected by the snowstorms instead. 3) He ends by saying that video will be released the moment Gillian appears in public later this afternoon.”

Message 2

“Today is the day when Gill will meet the fans for the first time after the scandal. I wanted to release her vid at the same time. However, due to a certain reason, I was not able to. Now I decide to release 3 vids at 3:00 am. The content are 1. the original video of the pre-released photos, and 2. some new materials that haven’t been shown in the photos before.

Be Patient!!!!!!

PS: Stop arresting the scapegoats. If you’re capable enough, come get me!”


Messages From “Kira” About the Edison Chen Sex Scandal”

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