British hottie actress, Kate Beckinsale, looked red hot in her bright orange bikini while vacationing seaside and soaked up the sun. Well, we’re starting to get some real quality bikini pictures these days. No more second-string skanks taking up space. Today it’s some great Kate Beckinsale bikini pictures for you from Kate’s family vacation in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Kate Beckinsale is hands down one of the hottest MILF in the world. Kate looks as sexy as ever in her bright orange bikini, but she really does have me questioning whether her breasts are real or not. I think they are real but they seem to be a bit bigger than a few years ago.

There has been a lot of speculation in the past, but in some of these pictures, I don’t know what’s going on. I hope that’s just some awkwardly trapped water, because otherwise there is definitely something very wrong with Kate Beckinsale’s breasts. I hope its just something inside my head because I just cannot stand fake tits. Fake tits are hard as rocks and they just look nasty and they do weird things. Here she hanging out at a beach in Mexico, and other than some slight wear and tear in the booty region, Beckinsale still has a killer body.


Kathryn Bailey “Kate” Beckinsale (born July 26, 1973 in London, England) is an English actress, known for her roles in the films Pearl Harbor (2001), Underworld (2003) and Van Helsing (2004).


Kate Beckinsale Candid Bikini Pictures

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