Lauren see through nips. Click on to enlarge.

Lauren Michael Holly (born October 28, 1963) is an .

At the age of 23, Holly joined the of the iconic ABC soap opera, All My Children, as Julie Chandler (1986-1989). The actress portrayed the comic book character, Betty, on television’s Archie: To Riverdale and Back Again in 1990. One of her best known roles was as Mary Swanson, Lloyd Christmas’ love interest in the Dumb & Dumber. She is also well-known for portraying Linda Lee Cadwell, the of legendary martial artist and actor Bruce Lee in Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story (1993). She also achieved popularity as Deputy Sheriff Maxine Stewart in the long-running TV series Picket Fences. In 2005 she joined the cast of NCIS as Director Jenny Shepard.

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