Edison Chen and Gillian Chung SEX Photos Uncensored

New pictures to keep that Huge Chinses Sex Scandal going. This Edison dude is a huge Chinese celebrity who took sex pics of almost every famous Hong Kong actress or singer, this is him with a actress/singer named Gillian Chung. Click on pictures to enlarge. !More to Come!

In January 2008, Chung was caught in a highly profiled sex scandal with former rumoured boyfriend, Edison Chen. Many pictures of Chung in compromising positions in bed with Chen surfaced and was widely circulated over the Internet. Chung’s entertainment company, EEG, denied that the pictures were real and took legal action.

On 31 January 2008, an unemployed 29 year old man was arrested in the New Territories with 12 pictures on his computer. The investigation is still ongoing to find the connection between the suspect and artists but no blackmail was involved. HK Police has also warned that anyone with the pictures not to distribute them as it was in breach of the law.[13]

On 2 February 2008, police have arrested 2 other men and one women who are suspected to be related to the release of these photos. According to police, Edison Chen took his computer for repair some time in 2007 and it is suspected the technicians had discovered the explicit pictures and were secretly copied from his computer. A police report states that one possibility for detaining the pictures until now is because one of the suspects was unemployed and had a large unpaid credit card debt, and was planning to use the pictures as blackmail.

Gillian Chung
is a Hong Kong-based actress and singer. She is best known as a member of the Cantopop girl group Twins, alongside Charlene Choi.

Chung made her film debut in U Man which was released in 2002 and has since proven her acting skills in a number of films like Beyond Our Ken which has earned her critical acclaim, being nominated as ‘Best Actress’ in the Gam Zhi Ging Awards. Outdoing herself in every martial arts sequence, Chung has established herself as the up and coming action star.[2]

In the film Beyond Our Ken released in 2004, Chung played as Chan Wai Ching, a spurned girlfriend of the eponymous Ken. The film managed a box office taking of HK$ 3,886,355 and it has its World Premiere in Tokyo International Film Festival.[3] In Gillian’s most recent film, which was in January of 2006, Gillian’s ’49 Days’ exceeded the HK $10 million mark, earning a spot in one of Hong Kong’s best box office films for the year 2006.

Edison Chen Kwoon-Hei is a Hong Kong movie actor, singer, idol, founder of CLOT Inc., and the CEO of Clot Media Division Limited.

In 1999, a scout approached Chen while he was demonstrating his ‘Crouching-Tiger-Hidden-Dragon-Style’ with his friend in Hong Kong and asked him to film a commercial. From then on, he was introduced into the Hong Kong entertainment circle where he immediately gained immense popularity for his attractive appearance and especially adored by girls for his mischievous smile.

He has starred in many popular films including Infernal Affairs, Infernal Affairs II, Initial D and Dog Bite Dog. His latest film is Trivial Matters. Determined on expanding his horizons beyond Hong Kong, he also starred as the male lead in the Japanese drama Under the Same Moon. His newest film (filming unstarted) is going to allow him to collaborate once again with Gillian Chung, Stephy Tang & Shawn Yue.

In February, 2007, he invested $10 million HKD to open his own multi-media company, Clot Media Division, which plans to produce movies, commercials and music albums. In June, 2007, he released a Mandarin album, 讓我再次介紹我自己 (Allow Me To Reintroduce Myself) with tracks produced by Kanye West, Just Blaze and Clinton Sparks. His song 記得我嗎? (Remember Me?) contained words of criticism towards his old music company, EEG.

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