teenpinups0171marciapu Marcia Brady and Jan Brady Had a Lesbian Sex AffairMaureen McCormick aka Marcia

epgz079b Marcia Brady and Jan Brady Had a Lesbian Sex AffairEve Plumb aka Jan

Maureen McCormick, who played the prissy eldest daughter Marcia Brady on the hit 70s TV show, “The Brady Bunch,” has a book coming out next year in which she reveals she had an affair with her on-screen sister. She also reports the fact that she and Barry Williams, aka Greg Brady, only shared a kiss and a date.

Here is the real story, a tell-all documenting her well-publicized eating disorder and addiction, includes sexually explicit details of the relationship between McCormick and her co- , Eve Plumb. A source says:

“The most explosive comments will be how the then blonde, blue-eyed cutie developed a crush on Eve Plumb, which led to some sexual play. This book will certainly come as a shocker. While Maureen says she is not a lesbian, she reveals there were some sexual hijinks going on behind the scenes. It’s bizarre because she played such a virginal character on the show.”

Oh my my, “The Brady Bunch” seem much hotter to me now than ever. I just wished I knew about all the wild lesbian that was going on back when I watched the show daily. Who knew there was lebian on the set of “The Brady Bunch”? Stuff like this is too good to keep not to share.

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